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"The Ultimate Guide of the Arab American Community"

The concept of the Arab American community online guide was first conceived on the 8th day of March 1995. The Internet then was in its infancy, the plan was placed on hold until the launching date of this website on August 31, 1999.  Since then the Internet has increasingly become part of our lives. Out of this ease in technology, making far away places so close, information and news disseminated in seconds, the Arab American Guide was launched!

Many communities have joined the Internet, and the Arab-American Community is no exception!, the exception however, is our efforts!

We promise our community to build this website to be the best professionally built website serving the Arab American Community aspirations and needs.

Together, we can present a community full of potential, a community that can welcome the next century united to the best of its members.

As Americans of Arab backgrounds, we extend our sincere welcome to our fellow citizens that come from different religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Building this website doesn't alienate us from the rest of the country, the reality is, it makes us closer in unifying our efforts to combat the challenges we are facing and our future generations might face.

In brief this website is your website feel free to explore it, send us your comments, feed back and constructive criticism.


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