Beirut Times Calling Cards

Call home to say! Marhaba, kif al hal?

At Beirut Times we realize that keeping in touch with your family here and abroad requires several Phone calls. Thus as part of our community services we also offer the lowest prepaid calling cards to call the Middle East.

The advantages of our prepaid calling cards are:
	*  Toll Free access using a 800 number.
	*  Call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
	*  Call from anywhere in the USA to anywhere in the world.
	*  Order online.

Unbelievable .41cents a minute to Call Lebanon
That's only 41c/minute, and there is no connection fee
Simply fill in your Credit Card information below and select an option to receive the 
800 number and PIN for authorization.

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Enter your company name (if applicable)

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Zip Code

Telephone Number Fax Number
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The rates on this page are to the Middle East, if you need rates worldwide, please click here.
Thank You!

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